Moaning Lisa

Episode 6: Moaning Lisa

Show notes

This week, Tom and Megan take a look at The Simpsons Season 1 Episode 6 - Moaning Lisa

Some delays in editing threw us off schedule for a bit, but we're finally back on track for Sunday releases!

This week, we sat down and watched the sixth episode of the season, and in many ways, this was one of our favourites. We discuss the fine balancing act of writing such an emotionally charged episode of a comedy animation, Megan speaks at length about some of her favourite children's shows from back in the day, and Tom finally has the opportunity to gush about some good art and animation this season!

We both really like this episode, sow e both really hope you do too! of course as always, any feedback you have, good and constructive, is welcomed with open arms.

As Megan mentioned at the end of the episode, this episode deals with mental health and depression, and so we thought it would be helpful to provide some links for any of you in a bad spot, which I'll be leaving below. There's no shame in seeking help, friends. Stay safe.

NHS A-Z of UK based support contacts -

CALM List by country of links to support. Your country is almost certainly listed -

Until next week,

Tom & Megan


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