The Crepes of Wrath

Episode 11: The Crepes of Wrath

Show notes

This week, Tom and Megan take a look at The Simpsons Season 1 Episode 11 - The Crepes of Wrath

After another short break, we're finally here with the eleventh episode of the season!

This episode was a real eye opener, as we sat down to watch what became a favourite for the pair of us. We go over the pros and cons of some creative choices, and find out how The Simpsons writers get around language barriers in these kinds of episodes.

We also discuss a possible over-fondness for animals within the Simpsons animation team, Tom proves unable to speak French with any skill or grace, and Megan gives us an insight into what it's like having a conversation with her sister.

As always, we'd love any and all feedback, it's all read, and all appreciated. Any feedback you provide is incredibly useful and very much appreciated, as it helps us improve and gives us a boost on Podcasting platforms that gets us heard by more people.

Edit - Apologies for the background hiss that occurs for around a minute at roughly the 48 minute mark. Something went wrong in the edit, but I've salvaged it as best I can!

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